Meet Belarusian wine glass player

Meet Belarusian wine glass player

From the mid-17th century people started to extract sounds from different things.

Wine glasses filled with water were used as an instrument too. It is really arduous and only few men have such a talent. Natalia Volchenko is a professional musician from Belarus. Once, in Frankfurt am Main, she saw a virtuoso play on wine glasses. She was very inspired. So, she decided to create her own orchestra and to become a wine glass player.

Natalia Volchenko, musician:
It took a long time to collect wine glasses of all shapes and sizes, because sound pitch, tone and volume depend on it. It is hard but possible.

If you train hard, you’ll achieve good results.

The famous Austrian psychiatrist Mesmer used the instrument to induce hypnotic trance in his patients. In 1791, the major virtuoso of the age was a blind woman, Marianne Kirchgessner, for whom Mozart wrote the composition Adagio. Paganini and Goethe were admired by this instrument as well. Even Benjamin Franklin, after hearing a recital in England played on wine glasses, invented the ''armonica'' in which the glasses were mounted horizontally on a spindle turned by a foot treadle.

Natalia Volchenko:
The sound is produced by touching the rims of the wine glasses with water-moistened fingers.

It is essential that glasses must be perfectly clean as well as hands.

Natalia’s repertoire consists of about 30 classic and folk songs. But she constantly improvises and gives concerts abroad. The musician says that many people couldn’t believe that it is possible to produce sounds by touching wine glasses.

Natalia deserves to be commended for such an extraordinary music. Hope to hear her songs in Belarusian movies soon.