Incident at Ignalina nuclear power plant. What happened and why was public not notified?


Incident at Ignalina nuclear power plant. What happened and why was public not notified?

Resonant case occurred last week in relations between Belarus and Lithuania, in which the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs played key role.

It seems our neighbors wanted to hide the incident at the Ignalina nuclear power plant. Media write that a certain accident happened there at the end of 2017 during transfer of nuclear fuel. The public did not hear anything about it.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry presented a note to the Lithuanian Ambassador expressing concern about the lack of operational information on the incident. However, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania called the Belarusian note on the situation at the Ignalina nuclear power plant "revenge on the propaganda field".

Linas Linkevičius, Lithuania Foreign Minister:
"They got a good reason to revenge on the propaganda field, perhaps they want to present the situation so as to show that we are the same as them, although this is not true. I am not surprised that we received this note. Of course we will answer and explain that nothing serious happened. But the fact that they reacted to publications does not surprise me at all".

Of course, not surprising. There was no information about the incident at the nuclear power plant, located a few kilometers from Belarus. This statement is more than strange.

On the one hand, the minister seems to show that all the previous words of Lithuania about the Belarusian station in Astravyets were a play on the propaganda field, not real concern. It happens that Belarus has just "invaded" the propaganda field and is trying to answer Lithuania's claims.

The second point: why did they not immediately rush with information about the incident, but hide it? What if this information never got to the media?

There are more questions than answers. But it is clear that Lithuania lost the moral right to criticize Belarus for the station being built.