Belarus' Paralympic Committee excited by Lidziya Hrafeyeva's bronze


Belarus' Paralympic Committee excited by Lidziya Hrafeyeva's bronze

On March 16, President Alexander Lukashenko visited military unit No.5448 in Minsk, after which he talked with journalists.

Belarus President: Internal troops play important role even in peacetime

The President was asked about the upcoming sowing season and the results of the Belarusian Paralympic athletes. The national team has already won ten awards. Alexander Lukashenko calls this achievement a true feat.

Today, March 16, bronze in biathlon was won by Lidziya Hrafeyeva. She competed with other athletes with musculoskeletal disorders. Hrafeyeva missed once and passed the distance of 12.5 kilometers in 50 minutes. This is the second award of the sportswoman at the games in South Korea. The award ceremony has already been held in the Olympic Park.

Oleg Shepel, Chairman of the Paralympic Committee of Belarus:
With one miss and still a bronze medal is a result that is worthy of respect. Yesterday it was raining and it was + 12-13, today it was freezing and snow fell. Therefore, the track was very slippery. Lidziya did very well.

Now the Belarusian team has 10 medals, three of them are gold. This is an absolute record for our country at Winter Paralympids. Belarusian Paralympic athletes are on 8th place in the medal standings.

There is still a chance to conquer the podium. Tomorrow, March 17, Belarus will cheer for Sviatlana Sakhanenka and Yury Holub in ski races, and on March 18, the closing day of the Games, team Belarus will perform in a mixed relay race.