Belarus President: Internal troops play important role even in peacetime


Belarus President: Internal troops play important role even in peacetime

The role of internal troops is great at any time, even in peace, said Alexander Lukashenko during his visit to military unit No.5448 in Minsk.

The head of state got acquainted with the conditions of service and life of servicemen: he visited the barracks, classrooms and the dining room, where he tasted soldiers' lunch. The President was shown samples of military equipment and weapons, uniforms and equipment for servicemen.

Unit No.5448 was formed in 1966 and since then has been in daily readiness to solve a set of tasks: from law enforcement to combat operations in emergency situations.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I always insist that servicemen of the internal troops undergo service in cities, especially in Minsk, where there are lots of different kinds of people. When you walk down the street and see a patrol (these guys provide order), you feel confident and calm, especially parents with young children. Therefore, even in peacetime, their role is great. These are the troops who in peacetime carry out functions to restore internal order in our country. These troops are in almost constant combat readiness, like border troops and others. And in the army, there are such units. This is a very honorable service.

The boys and their parents want their sons to serve here (even girls are already serving). Therefore, it is a very important component of our Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. They ensure the internal security of our state. It is they who put things in order, they fight criminals, they help district militiamen and investigators to deal with criminals. Therefore their role is great.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate them and all of us on this holiday, especially on the 100th anniversary. A whole century is the history of our internal troops. I would like to congratulate you on this great holiday and thank them for the great role they are playing today in our society - a fairly peaceful society. God forbid something happens and they, like everyone else, must ensure internal security of the country in war and also fight in front lines. Therefore, we teach them this.