Dmitry Koldun on Russia's chances at Eurovision 2018

Dmitry Koldun on Russia's chances at Eurovision 2018


Participant of the song contest Eurovision Dmitry Koldun appreciates the tune of the Russian participant.

Russia will be represented by Yulia Samoilova this time. The girl will perform the song "I Will not Break". The video for the song has already been released.

Dmitry Koldun, who took sixth place at Eurovision 2007, Belarus' best result at the contest so far, noted that the video for the song resembles a music card, but this may be enough for the contest.

The performer added that Samoilova's voice is fine. However, due to the current situation, he advised not to count on a high place.

Dmitry Koldun (commenting to RIA Novosti):
I would not count on a very high place. 

The final of the contest will be held in Portugal on May 12. The semifinals will be held on May 8 and 10.

Ukrainian singer Alekseev will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2018.

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