46 world-famous companies come to Belarus' Hi-Tech Park

46 world-famous companies come to Belarus' Hi-Tech Park

The number of residents of the Park of High Technologies of Belarus has grown by a quarter. As many as 46 new companies at once took a decision to register with the Park.

This is a real IT breakthrough for Belarus. The Park has welcomed experienced players in the world market, representing new highly sought-after areas. Among them is software development in the field of artificial intelligence and augmented reality - the companies WANNABY and Russian giant Mail.ru, which will develop games in the Minsk office.

Vsevolod Yanchevsky, director of the Park of High Technologies:
We, of course, are very satisfied with such a huge influx of companies to the Park. One more circumstance is very important. Among those companies that have entered the Park are not only promising startups, but also a lot of already famous companies. Those who work in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We now see that Belarus and our Park have the potential to become one of serious European centers in this field.

Clear and transparent working conditions are the main reasons why world companies come to Belarus. The new decree "On the development of digital economy" (also known as Hi-Tech Park decree 2.0), which creates unprecedented conditions for the development of IT industry in Belarus, has not yet entered into force. It will be the case only in late March. Thus, at the moment 238 residents are registered in the Park of High Technologies.

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Sergey Karpilovich, Project Manager, Teslasuit:
We were pleased with a simple and transparent registration scheme and the absence of bureaucratic delays.