Judges of Belarus' Constitutional Court urged to engage in teaching activities more

Judges of Belarus' Constitutional Court urged to engage in teaching activities more

The interests of the Belarusian people and the country should be the main ones when improving the country's Constitution.

This was said by President Alexander Lukashenko on March 15 during a meeting with the judges of the Constitutional Court. The date of the meeting was not chosen by chance. Today Belarus is marking Constitution Day. Alexander Lukashenko congratulated those present on this occasion.

Last time a meeting in this format took place four years ago. It's time to discuss the results of activities and consider proposals for improving the work. The efficiency of judges' work is increasing.

Since 2014, the Constitutional Court has verified 189 laws for compliance with the country's main document.

At the same time, not only an analysis of legal norms is being carried out, but preliminary control over legislative acts takes place before they are signed by the head of state. Moreover, necessary recommendations are made.

The knowledge of the judges of the Constitutional Court should be used in the interests of the state as heavily as possible, the Belarus President noted. So, now it is worthwhile to think about making amendments to the Basic Law. The country expects suggestions primarily from the Constitutional Court.

Judges should comprehensively and objectively analyze the norms of the Constitution and also assess their relevance. For this, Belarus needs to study international approaches.

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Also, the meeting discussed the formation of constitutionally oriented sense of justice of people.

The Belarus President believes the main emphasis in this matter should be made at work in universities. The head of state invited judges to engage in teaching activities.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I would like you, at least in our main universities, to teach and observe what is happening there. You are cool and authoritative specialists. Students will listen to you. At the same time you will feel at what level and that we are teaching the future lawyers. We have a lot of problems, and I personally face them quite often, considering certain issues, controlling them. We have a lot of problems among practicing lawyers.

We somehow got hold of a judicial school, we are doing something there. I see it from the way I'm currently in school, I'm studying everything anew [with son]. But we have not touched universities yet. We must start with programs, with subjects. We must train new specialists. As for jurisprudence, in this part I would also like members of Constitutional Court to do this work. If this requires some kind of legal regulation, please make a proposal, we will formalize it.

In addition, the President expects from the Constitutional Court proposals to increase the effectiveness of the entire judicial system. After all, it is here where one can independently, openly and objectively assess the work of courts of general jurisdiction.