Belarus President says changes to Constitution possible in the future


Belarus President says changes to Constitution possible in the future

The interests of the Belarusian people and the country should be the main ones in matters of improving the country's Constitution.

This was announced by President Alexander Lukashenko on March 15 during a meeting with the judges of the Constitutional Court. The date of the meeting was not chosen by chance. Today Belarus is marking Constitution Day. Alexander Lukashenko congratulated those present on the occasion. Last time a meeting in this format took place four years ago.

It's time to discuss the results of activities and consider proposals for improving the work.

The efficiency of judges' work is increasing. Since 2014 the Constitutional Court has verified 189 laws for compliance with the country's main document.

At the same time, not only an analysis of legal norms is being carried out, but preliminary control over legislative acts takes place before they are signed by the head of state. Moreover, necessary recommendations are made. The knowledge of the judges of the Constitutional Court should be maximally used in the interests of the state, the Belarus President is convinced. The country expects suggestions primarily from the Constitutional Court.

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Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I have already spoken at meetings with both parliamentarians and the judiciary that, in due time, we will come to discuss the issues of amending the Basic Law. Everything is very simple. Do not look for any news in this, down to fake ones. We must understand that lawmaking is a living process, so all laws, by-laws are like a living organism that must be improved in order to keep up with the times, especially this is urgent for our state.

When we started at the dawn of our independence, we could not imagine what we will turn into today, and what problems we will face. We could not imagine that the economy would go into the IT direction, that all the peoples of the planet would seek their happiness in that area, that we would talk less about hydrocarbons, and instead innovation would be on the agenda. It is considered not only in Belarus but also in the world that Belarus did not jump up on the last train during the movement and development of our state. I give this example so you understand that life does not stand still. It is very rapidly developing, and, naturally, we must manage to change ourselves. Adjust to this life.

All this must be done at a legal level. The society is changing and we are changing.

Naturally, the Constitution should be a step ahead of the changes in our society. It should provide a perspective not only for the development of legislative processes, but also for the development of our society and the foundations of the functioning of our society.

Hence we are likely to face a problem of adjusting, changing the norms of the Constitution.

Judges should comprehensively and objectively analyze the norms of the Constitution and also assess their relevance. The President also noted the need to study international approaches to this end.