National сontest TechnoIntellect 2018 in Minsk: Inventions overview

National сontest TechnoIntellect 2018 in Minsk: Inventions overview

The Belarusian national competition for young people TechnoIntellect was held in Minsk.

More than 200 children aged 14-18 years presented their designs. Among exhibits are models of airplanes, ships and cars and other technical devices. Some of them are already used in business.

Artem Ryzhkin, participant of the contest TechnoIntellect:
There are three rollers. We press the central power roller and create a deformation on the center. Then we scroll the wheel to the right and left, thus creating a bend.

A schoolboy from Vawkavysk outlined the benefits of a pipe bender in the household and in production. He invented the machine himself by means of which he has already made a foundation for a greenhouse.

Artem Ryzhkin, participant of the contest TechnoIntellect:
A swing was made with the help of this pipe bender. Very easy.

Another invention was not less technological. A schoolboy made a 3D printer that has even been shown to the President of Belarus. The device is 20 times cheaper than its analogues and ultra mobile.

Danila, schoolboy, inventor of 3D printer:
I can completely control the process from the phone. For example, I can start the printer and easily print any model even while being in some other city.

Dmitri Boyarovich, CTV:
The creator of this visual cap is an ordinary schoolboy from Berezino. This headdress allows you to better navigate in space. There is a special device on this cap that vibrates five meters before any obstacle which can really help people with bad vision.

The contest is held for the ninth time. This year more than 200 schoolchildren participate in it. The youngest participant is only 14 years old.

Oleg Gusev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the Belarusian National Technical University:
Those boys and girls who participate in the contest today, tomorrow will lead the largest enterprises and will be the leaders of Belarusian technical industry.

Sergei Sachko, head of the Republican Center for Innovative and Technical Creativity:
These talented young people that came from all over Belarus show their best designs and projects. And we should support them in every possible way.

Today, Belarus has created many conditions for the implementation of innovative ideas. For example, technoparks. By the way, they received new privileges and rights introduced by a presidential decree.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology:
We have 24 subjects of innovative infrastructure nowadays. We created four technoparks in 2017. There are technoparks in all regional centers. Today we are already considering the possibility of creating such establishments in the regional centers.

By the way, the authors of the best projects will get the right to enter the BNTU university with benefits. This is one of the bonuses of the contest which opens great prospects for young developers.