Hainan province presents tourist potential in Belarus


Hainan province presents tourist potential in Belarus

Hainan province is located on the southernmost island of China and is famous for its sea resorts.

Delegates from China are going to establish relations with representatives of Belarusian travel companies and airlines. Belarusians can visit the only island in China with a tropical climate without a visa.

Zhou Anwei, general director, Tourism Development Committee of Hainan Province:
Our province specializes in the tourist business. The government of China welcomes the development of this particular business. Now Hainan is a world famous tourist island.

Vitaliy Gritsevich, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
We see that the cooperation is bilateral. It turns out, thanks to this year, we learn more and more about individual Chinese regions. It is this cooperation at the regional level between Chinese provinces and Belarusian regions that brings fruit.

Health tourism in Hainan is known throughout the world. This industry has long been highly developed and already outstrips traditional tourism in terms of popularity. Resorts of the island have developed infrastructure.