How pressing is home violence problem in Belarus?

How pressing is home violence problem in Belarus?

Stop domestic violence! This was the motto of the International Round Table on improving legislation aimed at solving this problem. The event was held in Minsk.

Experts note that Belarus has accumulated many constructive ideas on how to respond to the facts of domestic violence in a comprehensive manner and develop a system for assisting victims and influence the offender.

However, there is no clear algorithm of interaction in the prevention of this problem. The practice also showed the need to expand the range of persons against whom preventive measures should be applied.

Oleg Karazei, Head of Prevention Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
The point is that all state bodies, as well as public opinion (citizens) are involved in the fight against domestic violence. Therefore, the law should outline the duties of all state bodies. Starting with the internal affairs bodies, health care institutions, educational institutions, labor and social protection agencies and the General Prosecutor's Office. This problem must be solved by the whole society.

Every year more than 2,500 crimes are committed in Belarus against relatives, including grave crimes. Even bigger is the number of administrative offenses aimed at family members.

At the same time, more than 10,000 reports are received every month by the internal affairs bodies about facts on which proceedings don't result into punishment since the parties are reconciled.