Radziwill's family crypt flooded

Radziwill's family crypt flooded

In Nesvizh, Radziwill's Family Crypt was flooded.

Water began to flow into the crypt last week. Its level is rising by several centimeters per day. Drain pump helps to eliminate the flood. Fortunately, the sarcophagi with the remains of the noble family have not suffered. The cause is being clarified by the specialists now.

These wet steps lead to the family shrine. They are the first signs of a local flood. The priest Petr Sharko is in the working clothes and gumboots today. He is saving the silent kingdom of the Radziwills. Petr says that for 10 years of work he has never seen such a flood.

Petr Sharko, rector of Roman Catholic parish of Corpus Christi in Niasvizh:
The Parthians even joked, maybe this is a miracle-working spring and we need to consecrate it.

The flood in the Radziwill's family crypt began last week. Within a few hours, the water level rose by a few centimeters. The black wooden sarcophagi were saved by the fact that they are placed on a platform.

Petr Sharko:
These podiums made of concrete have been around the time of the Radziwills. Probably, they were created because of the problems with flooding.

The shrine of the Nesvizh church is a holy place for the Royal Family. In addition, it is the third highest number of graves in Europe. Notable people had been buried here for several centuries. And they were only the Radziwills.

Victoria Khodosok, CTV channel:
Water flows into the crypt from here. It is necessary to clean it several times a day.

Thus, the rescue mission of one of the main keepers of Nesvizh legends is well under way. Church members help priest Petr with this. And the local government bought a drain pump for dewatering.

Vladimir Zmushko, General Director of OAO Belrestavratsiya:
On March 14, the qualified commission will come there and define areas of work, if they are needed. They will give the necessary recommendations on the actions. The water level is not critical. It is under control. The measures have been taken and the water is pumped out. There is absolutely no threat to the existence of the monument.

But if the sarcophagi have not suffered yet, there is some mold on the walls of the crypt, and it will not be easy to get rid of it.