Canadian farmer: Belarus' MTZ tractors are fantastic

Canadian farmer: Belarus' MTZ tractors are fantastic

Farmers from USA and Canada test-drove Belarusian tractors MTZ on March 14.

Businessmen were shown demonstrated the capabilities of tractors from a new line. In particular, this is model 30-23 (the so-called "electric tractor").

It is being prepared to enter the market. It is expected that the vehicle will take its rightful niche.

Today, the guests were also shown the largest model with a capacity of 360 horsepower.

During the tests, MTZ plant checked work of all units and parts. Every businessman could sit behind the wheel.

Filipp Dyuzhin, farmer (Canada):
Perfect! Very good vehicles. They are like beautiful girls. We literally touched them and made sure that Belarus does make good and strong tractors.

Ken, farmer (Canada):
I think they are fantastic. Very go smoothly and it's easy to understand the control panel even if you are not good at it. The cab is warm and the air conditioning system is perfect.

Today it became known that MTZ will sign a contract for the supply of vehicles (including electric tractors) to the USA and Canada.

The figures have not been disclosed. It is known that the parties plan to reach 1,000 vehicles per year. And this is only part of North America's need for such agricultural machinery.

Alexander Zevin, Director of dealership MTZ Equipment Ltd. (Canada):
Our service system is completely ready. We have fully prepared specialists in this direction. We will naturally invite specialists from Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ). The North American market is a very stable market, where there is no risk. I think that we will conquer it, we have everything for this.

In 2017, the volume of exported innovative equipment of MTZ grew to 20%. The plant does not intend to cede positions.