Facts about Belarusian skier Yury Holub


Facts about Belarusian skier Yury Holub

Belarus’ Yury Holub won gold at the 2018 Paralympics in South Korea.

This is the third medal for Yury at the current Paralympics: earlier he won two silver medals in skiing and biathlon.

He has lots of fans all over Belarus. But people from his native town of Glusk, Mogilev region, supported him like nobody else.

His relatives share their emotions about his winning.

Natalia Dyarbeeva, Holub’s grandmother:
It was unbelievable. Emotions were high and time stopped. I love my grandson very much and I am really proud of him.

Irina Holub:
It just made my blood run cold. I am indeed proud of him.

Aleksander Holub:
I can’t believe that we are relatives of the champion.

Irina Holub:
I have always known that Yury will become the champion. He always gets what he wants.

Siarhei Ivashkevich, physical education teacher of Glusk secondary school No. 2:
Yury has always liked skiing. He became fascinated as a child and went skiing every evening and after school.  

Yana Shipko, CTV:
Yury always took part in school competitions. Children from his school dream of following in his footsteps.

In the alma mater, where Yury is getting his master’s degree, students call him ‘Belarusian Gagarin’.

Alexander Kasperovich, dean of Physical Education Faculty of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University (BSPU):
Our university is proud of him. He is the first Paralympic champion from our university who won gold and two silver medals.

Nadezhda Kurlovich, lecturer of Sports and Pedagogical Disciplines Department of the BSPU, curator:
From the first year, it was clear that he is very responsible and serious minded student. He always keeps everything in order.

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