How to become volunteer at II European Games 2019?

How to become volunteer at II European Games 2019?

The emotions of joy of the golden performances of Belarusian skiers in Pyeongchang have not yet subsided, but it is time to prepare for new beginnings. From June 21 to June 30, 2019, Minsk will host the II European Games. At first sight, it seems that there is still a lot of time, but meanwhile interviews with candidates for volunteers who will help in organizing this spectacular and exciting sporting event have already begun.

Nadezhda Anisovets, manager for work with volunteers, educational and cultural programs of the Foundation "Directorate of the Second European Games 2019" together with Dmitri Daineko and Valeria Matveichuk, volunteers of the II European Games shared interesting details about volunteering.

Why do you need volunteers? What exactly do they do?

Nadezhda Anisovets:
I always say volunteers are the soul of any event. This is the smile that all guests who come to Belarus will remember. Volunteers are as much an integral part of the organizing committee as any other employee who receives a salary. But in my opinion, volunteers receive something much more valuable than just money. They get emotions, opportunities and unforgettable experience.

How many directions will the volunteers have?

Nadezhda Anisovets, manager for work with volunteers, educational and cultural programs of the Foundation "Directorate of the Second European Games 2019":
Volunteers will work in 20 functional directions from which any sporting event is formed, not necessarily so large. This is the arrival and departure to meet guests at the airport, this is the zone of accommodation to provide help in hotels. And of course, communication, because we will have a huge number of journalists from all over the world. They will want to watch and cover all our games. Their opinion also depends on who will help them. Who will help to translate an interview. If they get a good and friendly volunteer who will help, show the city in their free time, who will be cordial and sincere, then an international journalist will receive a good impression of Belarus.

Training of volunteers will last a year and a half. As soon as the first wave of interviews is over, we will begin training. The overwhelming majority of volunteers will go through the first two blocks of training online, simply because it is physically impossible and inefficient to gather a lot of people in one place. There will be managers among volunteers who will guide the work of other volunteers.

Volunteers will receive a full set of memorable souvenir products and, of course, they will receive tickets for viewing competitions in their free time.

What is the fun of being a volunteer?

Dmitri Daineko, volunteer:
All the fun is directly in the experience and communication with foreigners. Unfortunately, in Minsk it is quite problematic to communicate with a foreigner. The practice of language is gold for me as a linguist. And I get this gold while volunteering. Volunteering provides an invaluable experience of live communication and a lot of positive emotions. The fatigue that I get from volunteering is very pleasant.

Valeria Matveichuk, volunteer:
First of all, this is our experience and possibilities. It's a good chance to meet many interesting people, learn something from them. These are experienced people who can become role models.

How many vacancies out of 8,000 do you still have?

Nadezhda Anisovets:
At the moment, 6,700 applications have been submitted to the registration system. It is surprising, because the registration system was launched only on September 15. So many applications for such a short period of time!

The registration system will be open until April 2019. But we will recruit the necessary number of volunteers already in the middle of this summer, and the rest will simply fall into the reserve.

How to become a volunteer?

Nadezhda Anisovets:
You can register on the website
The section for volunteers has all the necessary information.