Robot helping teach English in Belarusian school

Robot helping teach English in Belarusian school

Native speaker for learning English at school is no more a luxury. Gomel schoolchildren work out foreign pronunciation with the help of a robot.

Our correspondent Alexander Dobriyan visited an English lesson with the experimental teaching methodology.

For a month the robot has been assisting teacher Vitaly Petrovsky in the classroom. Almost all schoolchildren already know this "guy". While kids in elementary school laugh at the robot, the older generation are quite serious about him.

Daria Zakharova, student at Gomel High School No. 37:
We perceive Mechanoid as our friend, which helps us improve the pronunciation of English and remove the language barrier.

Openness to communication is something that modern children lack so much. The proximity of the technology toy to the usual gadgets, the same smartphones, really makes the robot a very useful friend for a child. It seems that artificial intelligence manifests what people call a character. Even if it's just program code the pedagogical effect is evident.

Ekaterina Baevskaya, student of Gomel secondary school No. 37:
Our pronunciation in English is getting better. Because when you say wrong, he does not understand you and just does not fulfill your commands.

Sounded by professional English speakers, a robot is a good alternative to communicating with a real native speaker.

Vitaly Petrovsky, head of the methodical association of teachers of foreign languages ​​of Gomel:
He performs the functions of a speech tutor, since the question-answer work of students is one of its main aspects here.

Already today, the robot can easily argue on the subject of creativity by Tolkien or Shakespeare. He can also sing and dance.

Alexander Dobriyan, CTV:
Overseas, similar models are used to develop fine motor skills in students in lower grades. But it's Gomel who first used it for linguistic purposes. This robot has already made the first step to naturalization and the acquisition of Belarusian citizenship!

The number of robotic assistants it planned to be doubled. Each of them will have their own functions at the lesson.