What joint projects are Belarus and India engaged in?

What joint projects are Belarus and India engaged in?

Belarus is interested in Indian investments and is ready to provide favorable conditions for the establishment of an Indian technopark in our country.

On March 13, Alexander Lukashenko met with the Indian Ambassador to Belarus. Saxena Pankaj worked here since October 2015 and is now completing his diplomatic mission.

The sides agreed to bring cooperation to the strategic level in September 2017 during the third, official visit of the Belarus President to India. At the heart of the partnership are major projects in engineering and pharmacology, in transport, mining, and tourism.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Recently, our dialogue has been very intense. The visit of your President to Belarus and my visit to India... We agreed on many things. We offered interesting options for Indian business, for the Indian state here in the center of Europe. And I want you to convey to the leadership of India that we will strictly observe these agreements.

Belarus ready to create Indian technology park

India is the largest and most promising trade partner of Belarus in South Asia. Just a few figures. By the end of 2017, the volume of Belarusian exports to India amounted to $308 million. 76% are potash fertilizers. Chemical products exports also increased. Everything from Belarus is appreciated in India, Saxena Pankaj said.

The third largest economy of the world, "the economic miracle of Asia." This is how India is often referred to.

For several years the country has been among the leaders in terms of GDP growth. The population is rapidly growing: now it's about 1.35 billion.

Partners here are ready to help. For example, Belarus has offers in the field of education and industrial production.

Natalia Rak, chief of production of a pharmaceutical company:
It was here, in this place, where the capsule was laid, and from here the construction of a new plant began.

The first stone of the joint project was laid in January 2017. By the end of 2018 here, in Belarus' town of Skidel, the first batch of drugs should be produced. Now the work is on at the site. How else? According to the plan, the company intends to produce about 50 medicines (it will start from 20 types).All these are drugs for the treatment of HIV and tuberculosis. The amount of investments is about 3 million dollars.

Kumar Manoranjan, acting director of a joint Belarusian-Indian pharmaceutical company:
90% of work is completed, further construction will continue after the delivery of equipment. If we start production in Belarus, it will be a very affordable product.

Today India is on the list of countries that account for the largest part of the world pharmaceutical market. In addition, it is one of the largest producers of generics: it ranks 4th in the world. Today, India accounts for about 70% of the world production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

However, pharmaceutics is by no means the only point of contact. India has established firm ties with large Belarusian industrial giants: they intend to assemble our tractors together.

Meanwhile, Gomselmash and a large Indian company are already setting up a joint venture. Our manufacturer boasts a combine harvester that India would need. In India, as a rule, small plots are cultivated for agricultural needs. Therefore, the most suitable machinery is the one with a capacity of 3 kilograms of grain per second. Belarus can offer such options. Last summer India for the first time learned about Palesse combine harvester. According to experts, India's annual demand for new harvesters is 4,000 units.

Darshan Rana, Director of Gomselmash-India:
We expect to start production of Belarusian equipment next month. In total, according to plans this year we should assemble about 50 Belarusian harvesters. Previously, these machines were delivered to us in a ready-made form. In terms of quality, Belarusian technology is comparable to the best European brands. Those models that we will release together with Gomselmash should take a serious position in our market.

The topic of deeper cooperation of Belarusian enterprises with the Indian side was started after the official visit of the Belarusian President to India in September 2017. Negotiations with the leadership of the country, a large-scale business forum with a dozen agreements - all this is already history.

Agreements in the field of education, scientific and technical cooperation, a memorandum in petrochemicals and a protocol in agriculture. The sides are ready to create a scientific and technological industrial park. The third visit of the President of Belarus to India turned out to be rich and very productive. Before that, Alexander Lukashenko visited that country in 1997 and 2007. Over 10 years, India has changed a lot. It's no wonder that now the sides are beginning an absolutely new page of cooperation. The emphasis will be made on investments.

Saxena Pankaj, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Belarus:
The fact that the visit coincided with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations added more colors to our contacts. Such high-level communication and regular exchange of visits are extremely important for the two countries.