Facts about Belarus’ Paralympian Sviatlana Sakhanenka


Facts about Belarus’ Paralympian Sviatlana Sakhanenka

Belarusian athlete Sviatlana Skhanenka has won a 15km freestyle race among athletes with visual impairments at the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

People from around the world supported her but the most loyal and ardent fan was her mother. Olga Sakhanenka was awarded the Order Of The Mother.

She brought up five children, Sviatlana being the third one.

Anastasiya But, CTV:
Belarus’ Novopolotsk in Vitebsk region is famous not only for its oil reservoirs but also for athletes. Sviatlana Sakhanenka was born there too.

Sviatlana’s mother and younger brother live there. And all day long they received congratulations, because it was Olga’s daughter who won gold.

Olga Sakhanenka, Sviatlana’s mother:
I remember her phrase ‘If you want to achieve good results, you have to train’. She had always repeated this phrase as a child.

Sviatlana moved to Minsk four years ago but she will never forget her hometown. Novopolotsk Olympic Reserve School made a path to a great sport for her. It was quite difficult.

Valeriy Gushchin, director of Novopolotsk Olympic Reserve School:
She had a poor eyesight. So, in 2007 sports medicine dispensary didn’t give her a certificate for matriculation. Then our Olympic Reserve School decided to take her. From that moment, she started preparation for the Paralympic Games.

Oksana Matskevich, a teacher of the Belarusian language and literature at Novopolotsk Olympic Reserve School:
When she got a bad mark she had always asked me to explain her mistakes.

Sviatlana is a hard-working and infinitely positive person. She is the center of attention. 

Sakhanenka’s friends from the Olympic Reserve School also rooted for her.

Anna Minkova, Sviatlana Sakhanenka's friend:
When I met her, she told me about the Olympic Games. And she was confident of her gold medal.

Polina Galchevskaya, a friend of Sviatlana Sakhanenka:
Yesterday she wrote: ‘Wait for good news’. She was completely sure. And this is important.

Now, Sviatlana Sakhnenka is preparing for three more races in South Korea.

 Она мне всегда говорила, чтобы что-то получить, надо тренироваться