Belarus developing battery for electric transport

Belarus developing battery for electric transport

Electric vehicles in Belarus was the topic of the recent talk show "What Is Going On?"

Sergei Kabishov, Head of the Department of Scientific and Technical Policy and Expertise of the State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus:
Belarus will have its own battery. We are not talking about an ion-lithium battery, which is most widely used in the world today. We are talking about the creation of alternative batteries, where sodium will be used as a material, which we have more than enough, unlike lithium. 

As one of the components, a technology which is now developed by the Materials Science Research Center of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences will be used in that battery. 

There we will use materials by the SvetlogorskKhimvolokno company - it is graphene, foamed graphite - as electrodes. 

This will help us create a Belarusian battery.

In its parameters, it is not inferior at others. Moreover, in many respects, it surpasses similar ones in terms of capacity.


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