Belarus testing its own e-velomobile prototype

Belarus testing its own e-velomobile prototype

Electric vehicles in Belarus was the topic of the talk show "What Is Going On?"

Andrei Selyukov, chairman of the board of the consumer cooperative Terra Electro:
I would like to mention a project on the creation of an electric car. This is a hybrid of an electric car and a bicycle. That is, it is a small electric vehicle. Moreover, it is an initiative "from below". That is, we are a consumer cooperative, a small group of people who gathered to make an electric vehicle. We are not a state-owned company, not a big concern of some sort. The project is 10 months old.

A prototype has already been created. It is being tested on the streets of Minsk. It is made by order of a food delivery network. Restaurants need to transport food...

The market is huge: restaurants, delivery services, car sharing...

Everyone is interested in saving gasoline and fuel. An electric vehicle allows you to do this. Now we are making a product, specifically for commercial enterprises, which optimize their expenses quite significantly.

For example, a pizzeria, which has 10 Renault cars today, will save $100,000 a year if it switches to electric vehicles.

That is, the courier can ride using both pedals and the engine.