Perspectives of Belarusian viticulture

Perspectives of Belarusian viticulture

Specialists are sure that Belarus could develop wine making and viticulture, due to climate change.

So, where does the grape grow in Belarus?

Anastasia Dekhtyar, CTV:
Now, it is considered that grapes can compete with potatoes. It could become a top sales brand.

Global warming had shifted the temperature level. Agro-climatic zones had moved 150 km. The fertile soil of Belarus produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including watermelons.

Vladimir Bobkov, member of the initiative group ‘Winegrowers and winemakers of Belarus’:
Our neighbors faced a promising and prosperous future in this field. I am talking about Ukraine, Russia, Poland and the Baltic states. The whole world is engaged in viticulture and winemaking. So, we would like to make Belarus more progressive in this sphere too.

Still, in Belarus, grape is a culture of private farmsteads. People from different regions of Belarus grow grape outside. However, the most important thing is to choose the best cultivars.

Belarusian favorites are Chardonnay, Riesling Rhine and Pinot noir.

Piotr Vanyuk, chairman of the club ‘Winegrowers of Gomel Region’:
Gomel region has the most favorable temperature for growing grapes. So, we could choose grape of different cultivars.

The main planting is concentrated in the Pinsk district, Brest region. And around 10 hectares were allocated for cultivation in the Gomel region.

The harvest is devoted to create a natural resource base for the wine industry of Belarus. Such import substitution enables to produce Belarusian semi-dry and semisweet natural grape wines.

Alexander Kulbachko, the best Belarusian sommelier, has tasted more than 1,000 varieties during his career.

Alexander Kulbachko, sommelier:
Belarusian winemaking is very similar to the British one. The same cold-resistant varieties are used. Wine has the same taste and the same aftertaste.

But the price of Belarusian wine is much lower.

Belarus industrial wine growing is capable to provide high profitability and competitiveness of the corresponding production. So it is one of the most promising branches in the general structure of gardening.

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