Belarusians offered to glorify their small homeland

Belarusians offered to glorify their small homeland

Small homeland close-up! СTV Channel has announced a contest for the best visual ode to a hometown or village.

To participate, one needs to shoot a video or photo report, so that others can appreciate the beauty of your beloved corner of Belarus. You can choose any available tool: a mobile phone, an amateur video camera or even your grandfather's camera. You will be able to demonstrate creativity and tell the whole country about love to the native land until the autumn.

Tatiana Revizore already got acquainted with some of the works and found out which prize awaits the winner.

Dozens of works were filed and this is only in the first days of the competition. People from different corners of Belarus are ready to tell about their small homeland.

The village of Dvorets, which was a place of gentry with a heroic history in the past, today is the agrotown with a population of about 800 people.

Everyone has their own cherished corner. For one person, this is a hometown, village, street. For another a village house, old bathhouse and even representatives of the local fauna. Anyway, this is a great opportunity for people to show to the whole country places closest to the heart.

Competition work of Andrei Eroshevsky:
The place where the khutor of Orekhovka was located is the most picturesque. Behind me is the high bank of the Berezina River.

The project on YouTube tells about Svetlogorsk and its surroundings. Authors are enthusiasts. The creative team checks town legends, explores local landscapes and seeks interesting facts about the small homeland.

People have often praised the beauty and greatness of the Neman in verses and prose. To create a visual ode, the creators of this video had to travel literally the whole region.

A powerful river from a bird's-eye view is a project of a Grodno newspaper.

Competition work of Alexander Naumchik:
Oshmyany is one of the unique towns of Belarus, where almost all the components of the historical past have been preserved.

The author of this video is a well-known person in his hometown Oshmyany. Alexander Naumchik is fond of history and photography. His photo exhibition was held in the local lore museum last autumn. The master showed his town of childhood in collage photos.

Another competitive video is from the village of Losi, Bobruisk District. The creator of the video is a journalist. His spouse, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and also a small bull Borya featured in the video. Everything was made with a help of just one phone.

It is for author to choose a tone of his shoot. Comments to works are welcome.

Competition work of Vitali Shtarnov:
Beautiful swans on Lake Chernyavskoye.

The organizers do not set either time or quantitative limits. People have full creative control. Almost all the contest materials immediately appear on the website of the CTV channel.

Tatiana Biruk, Deputy Director of the Internet Broadcasting Directorate of Stolichnoe Televidenie:
We want to make this contest a large-scale one, so we will take any drawing, any sketch, composition, video or photo work. Because we want every Belarusian to talk about their small homeland.

We want to ask everyone to provide short commentaries to works. Don't be ashamed: you can write literally two or three sentences about the place that is so important to you.

Everyone can send works about favorite places almost until autumn. Contest results will be announced on the eve of the start of a new TV season. The authors of the most interesting materials will receive prizes, and the winner will have an opportunity to join a team of CTV reporters.

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