Dinamo Brest sensationally win 2018 Belarus Super Cup


Dinamo Brest sensationally win 2018 Belarus Super Cup

Dinamo Brest have upset Belarus' biggest club BATE by claiming the Belarus Super Cup 2018, the competition that appeared in 2010 and which BATE won five last times.

BATE before this game lost only one of their Super Cups.

The match was a sell-out and half of them went to Brest fans. However, there were quite many BATE fans too.

Belarus has traditionally had only three big teams: BATE, Dinamo Minsk and Shakhtyor Soligorsk, who invariably represented the country in almost all European competitions and only BATE have achieved significant successes so far.

The appearance of Dinamo Brest as the fourth big team of Belarus is perceived as a positive trend.

We would welcome if Dinamo Brest was among this ‘big four’. At last someone needs to make sure BATE is not the only famous football club in Belarus.

Dinamo Brest went ahead in the 14th minute after Milunovic fall led to a penalty kick.

BATE did not answer with a goal, instead, it was the Brest club who doubled the lead. Maksim Vitus used Satitsky’s cross to make it 2:0 on 30 minutes.

A few seconds before the final whistle BATE did score for 1:2 but it was too late to save the day.

This was the first official match of new coach Oleg Dulub after former coach Alexander Yermakovich was sacked and left for CSKA, where another Belarusian Viktor Goncharenko is now manager.

Oleg Dulub, BATE manager:
We lacked concentration in the first half, which is why we conceded those two goals.

This is the first time a Brest team have won Belarus Super Cup.

Artem Milevsky, Dinamo Brest:
It was hard for BATE, it was hard for us, but we managed to keep up with this tempo. Despite this time of the year both teams showed decent football.

Pavel Savitskiy, Dinamo Brest:
It’s pleasing to win a trophy in the very first match of the season. Emotions overwhelm me! A game against BATE is always like a derby.

Radoslav Latal, Dinamo Brest coach:
I’m very pleased to have won this game. But this is the very beginning of the season, which will be very long and hard. There is very much work ahead. This victory will be very helpful psychologically.

A confusing moment took place during the award ceremony. Confetti, which was supposed to symbolize the victor’s club colors, was blue and yellow, which are BATE colors, instead of blue and white, the colors of the Brest club.

Radoslav Latal, Dinamo Brest coach:
Yes, I did see this. Maybe this happened because no one believed in us. My players also noticed this and asked me what was going on.

This week BATE and Dinamo Brest will hold their quarterfinal matches of the Belarus Cup. The championship of Belarus starts on March 30.