What will Hanna Huskova do after finishing aerials career?


What will Hanna Huskova do after finishing aerials career?

Photo: vk.com/annyfoxyroxy

Hanna Huskova, champion of the 2018 Olympic Games in women's aerials, gave an interview to the program Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

Egor Khrustalev, host:
You know that sooner or later your sporting career will come to an end. What will you do afterwards?

Hanna Huskova, champion of the 2018 Olympic Games:
In fact I thought about that. But I try not to think about it much now, because now everything is really good for me. I think it's not good to think that far. Of course, I understand that you can't do one thing all your life, like ski acrobatics.

But for now I do not want to think about it. I will think about this in due time.

Now this is my life, therefore...

Egor Khrustalev:
My father was an athlete. And when he finished his sports career, he actually staying with nothing. Then there were Soviet times. You cannot do anything except what you have learned, what you have dedicated your life to. Do you understand that difficult times await you? 

Hanna Huskova:
Yes, I am absolutely sure that when I finish, I will first get lost, perhaps. I won't be able to understand what I want in life, what I want to do. But I'm quite a creative person, so it seems to me... And in social activities... I communicate well with everyone.

That is, I can find a common language with anyone.

Therefore, it seems to me it won't really be hard to determine what to do later.

Egor Khrustalev:
Is it true that you thought about being a journalist?

Hanna Huskova:
Yes, indeed, this was once the case. Each of us has an account in a social network, right? And each of us can shoot some video. And they are sometimes funny, they are different. And I, too, was engaged in this, and I was interested. And I thought once that I might be able to become a journalist.

But now I understand that journalism is such hard work.

When we were in Korea, after I took gold I saw many reporters and journalists wishing to talk with me. And I understand how hard their work is, because they need it, but you do not want it. And you need to find an approach to the athlete so that they want to communicate with you. I understand how difficult it is. I did not really want to communicate with them. Because I was shocked. I wanted to be alone with myself and not to communicate with someone. Therefore now I think that time has not yet come for me to decide.