Rare species of horses presented in Minsk


Rare species of horses presented in Minsk

Dozens of rare breeds of horses were presented in Minsk on March 8. Guests of the show could touch and communicate with the animals and of course ride them. CTV correspondent Yana Taran reports about these beautiful and noble creatures.

Communication with these amazing animals is useful for both adults after a hard working week, and for children. It soothes and nourishes you with positive energy.

Olga Diaghileva, circus actress:
If the horse is very smart, it is very interesting to work with, but very difficult. Because she quickly grasps everything, but then she starts to invent something herself. She becomes sad, she starts to invent something, and you find yourself behind. It's now she who is the leader.

Under one roof one can see an unprecedented number of graceful animals, leading horse breeders, as well as representatives of the whole industry. The show gathered horse breeders from both Belarus and other countries.

The cost of some breeds is hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Here is the legendary Shire, a heavy draught horse from England. One of the tallest horses in Europe, it is almost 2 meters high. They say that to climb it, you need a ladder.

Nearby are elegant Arabian horses and Akhal-Tekes, graceful black Friesians and the strongest - Percherons.

For the first time, ponies were brought to the exhibition. The most miniature horses could be even treated with carrots.

Olga Grusha:
I want our child to be closer to nature, closer to animals. We accustom her to love. Horses are rather noble animals, and we very much like it.

During the exhibition one could ride a horse and visit an exhibition of photographs and paintings dedicated to horses. A show program featuring circus stars was also presented.

An antique salon was also open: unique exhibits helped learn more about horses from previous eras.