Beauty Run held in Minsk on Women's Day

Beauty Run held in Minsk on Women's Day

The center of Minsk on March 8 belonged only to women. The current Beauty Run mini-marathon was the third and the most large-scale in history.

Despite the snow, the participants managed to not only keep the speed on the distance, but also to carry around their beauty and smiles.

Irina Rombalskaya, Press Secretary of the Stolichnoe Televidenie:
I trained all winter. And in fact, from the very foundation of the Minsk half-marathon, I have been always running. I participated for the first time in the women's race though. I hope that this undertaking will also become a tradition.

Vadim Devyatovskiy, chairman of the Belarusian Athletics Federation:
Snow does not frighten us. It did not frighten men on February 23, the frost was -12°C. Now it's -2°C, and look at what mood our women are. I'm glad that the number of people willing to spend their free time with sport is increasing.

The participants chose the length of the race themselves. They could pick either 2km or 5km. 

The race was held with the support of the United Nations Population Fund. Thus, the organizers drew attention to the problem of domestic violence.

At the finish line women were given small souvenirs. After the race they will be able to print a diploma with their name and time on a special website.