How are roses grown in Belarus?

How are roses grown in Belarus?

A flowering business. The day before Women’ Day Belarusian producers are preparing the main attribute of the celebration.

Tatiana Gurina has studied the technology of growing roes to details. She has a 5-year experience in it. By the way, she had time to be convinced that flowers from Belarusian greenhouses last longer and are no worse than imported ones.

Tatiana Gurina, horticulturist at multi-unit agricultural enterprise “Zhdanovichi”:
While they are being transported from abroad, of course, they are being sprayed with special substances and they are cut down when they are still closed. Belarusian roses though, are open and fresh. For a rose to get into a flower shop, it will take about two months. The process of growing is completely automatized, but the flowers are cut down by people-it needs to be done with special care.

Roses are grown at a temperature of 20 degrees above zero, therefore, there are obligatory conditions: good climate, light, daily control over the technological processes and protection from bugs. Special traps with pheromones are used. If at least one bush is affected, the whole greenhouse is under risk. Every flower is sorted before being sent to the shop. Only 2-3% of the product is utilized.


Igor Gursky, head of the production line at multi-unit agricultural enterprise “Zhdanovichi”:
The sorters hang the flowers onto a sorting line, and the machine picks the flowers itself. Sorters triage out broken roses.

The greenhouse owners keep the prime cost of flowers a secret, but they say that the period of celebrations is the most profitable.

Irina Trusevich, head of the trading department at multi-unit agricultural enterprise “Zhdanovichi”:
Our plant will supply the Belarusian market with more than 100 thousand roses in the period from March 4 till March 8. These are 12 varieties of roses grown in accordance with a Dutch technology.

The most popular flowers among Belarusians today are yellow rose or tulips.