President Lukashenko presents state awards, general’s shoulder straps March 7

President Lukashenko presents state awards, general’s shoulder straps March 7

Celebratory events in the Palace if Independence. Alexander Lukashenko presented state awards to mothers with many children and honored workers of various spheres, as well as general's shoulder straps to officers.

These people are united by one thing- personal involvement into the country’s fate.

Oksana Kravchinskaya, anesthesia care provider at Minsk Regional Children’s Hospital:
These are our children, my children. These children see us first and only then their mothers.

About 180 children are treated here annually. Prematurely born children are the planet’s problem, but Belarus is one of the best in the world when it comes to the protection of mothers and children.

Lilia Guchko, mother with many children:
Dad wanted a boy, a successor. This is how our big family was born.

A doctor from Brest region and a mother with many children usually have no time for themselves, but today they put make-up on and were accompanied by several courageous men.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Today’s celebration is dedicated to men’s courage and beauty. For every person mother’s love, care and attention are important. For real men – treating women as a knight is the most important thing. Power and courage is in you, happiness and spiritual peace, happiness and inspiration, of course. You are like spring, you give men warmth, the wish to live and become better. The vocation of a woman is to beautify the world; the vocation of a man is to protect this world and women. I'm glad to see in this hall people who have become a true example of honor and courage - real men who in such a difficult time choose the profession to defend the Motherland.

Several colonels became generals.

Ruslan Kosygin, First Deputy of the Deputy Western Operative Command of Belarus’ Armed Forces:
It took a whole life for me to become a general. May be from the time when I decided to become a military man. Since then a correct approach was chosen: every soldier dreams of becoming a general.

Everyone has his own height. Many understand it by having a good career, yet other see this height in its direct meaning.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Belarusian women are the best and most beautiful, able to wonderfully combine the power of character and extraordinary femininity. Many of you reach great heights (I will say as I think), sometimes even in absolutely non-female professions. This is especially evident in sport.

Hanna Huskova, gold medalist of 2018 Winter Olympic Games:
Dear Alexander Grigorievich, allow me to say a big thank you for the rendered support to our team from your side. The heart was trembling in Korea, but today it was trembling even more. Thank you to everyone. Belarus supported us and it was worth it.

As many as 18 awards were presented to mothers with many children; this is the principal position of the President. The success of the country’s development depends on the main function of a woman.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I often admire you when I present these awards. Sometimes I look at you and think whether you are married or not, I am not speaking whether you gave birth to five children. You can participate in Miss Belarus. For your beauty, for giving us the future. No one can have a future without children, not a single state. But us, men, especially the new generals, will try to protect your world, your peace and your children until they grow up to be generals. Happiness and success to all of you.