Cancer screening cabinet opens in Molodechno

Cancer screening cabinet opens in Molodechno

To prevent and detect at an early stage: a cancer screening cabinet has been opened in Molodechno's surgery No. 2.

At first, specialists decided to make a list of those at risk. The main thing is not to miss the illness. Therefore, the number of employees will be increased in the screening cabinet.

Alyona Kharevich, oncologist at N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus for Oncology and Medical Radiology:
A topical issue in diagnosing cancer is diagnosing at an early stage. Because oncological illnesses are more often diagnosed at stages 3-4 today.

Darya Kalaydich, head doctor of Molodechno Central Hospital:
People who need to be screened are those who have no illnesses. If we find some kind of changes and prerequisites that a person may be ill, we will examine him more by means of othere diagnosis methods.

"Health of people and demographic security". It is supposed to be implemented in 2020. The program focuses on primary diagnosing: an early visit to the doctor will allow to prevent illnesses. The screening cabinet in Molodechno opened within the state program.