Beauty Run due in Minsk on March 8


Beauty Run due in Minsk on March 8

Executive director of the Belarusian Athletics Federation Marina Badich told the CTV Channel about the Beauty Run event that will be held on International Women's Day on March 8 in Minsk.

The first such event took place in 2015 and back then the run started at Minsk Arena. The idea itself belongs to Athletics Federation and its chairman Vadim Devyatovsky. 

On women's day men will meet women at the finish line and the city should become a bit more beautiful on this day, says Marina Badich.

Marina Kachan, one of the participants of Beauty Run 2018, said that the event will bring together any women, regardless of social status and age. Last year even mothers with baby carriages took part, which was a real fun.

"Last year we also ran in national custumes, with wreaths on our head and that was a performance itself inside this big event. This added a bit of national flavor to what was happening," Kachan adds. "Many women on this day dress in most unusual custumes, which sometimes do not match their status or look, but this is why this event is so cool: you shine from inside and give this light to others."

This year's event is also directed against harassmen against women, UN Human Population Fund's project manager Marina Ananenko said.

The choice of distances will be either 2km or 5km. Any ages are permitted. The start is at 12pm Belarus time.

All women will get an exclusive medal and a rose from men at the finish line. An entertainment program and hot tea will be offered.

You can pick up your registration badge in the Stolitsa shopping mall until 21:00 on March 7 or from 9.00 to 10:30 on March 8.