President awards Belarusian mothers of large families

President awards Belarusian mothers of large families

On March 7, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko presented state awards to mothers with many children and honored workers of various spheres, as well as general's shoulder straps to officers. The solemn meeting in the Palace of Independence is dedicated to courage and beauty, and was held on the occasion of two holidays - Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Women's Day.

The event began with a tour of the Palace of Independence. In addition to well-known halls of guests, an exhibition of paintings, photographs and costume dolls was prepared. It is symbolic that the final part of the route was the hall of state awards, where the head of state presented the guests with awards.

In his congratulatory speech, the President noted the importance of each of the invitees in the fate of Belarus. In the hall are physicians, educators, economists, athletes, and the military. Special words of gratitude were said to mothers. Raising and investing in children every day they perform a feat. Modern women, Alexander Lukashenko stressed, surprisingly combine the femininity and strength of character.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The vocation of a woman is to beautify the world, the vocation of a man is to protect this world and women. No matter what social roles they try on, it is important that everyone remember their main purpose and preserve the harmony of relations in society.

I'm glad to see in this hall people who have become a true example of honor and courage - real men who in such a difficult time choose the profession to defend the Motherland. You are awarded high titles and new epaulettes. At the same time, responsibility will increase. I'm sure you will honorably fulfill the obligations entrusted to you.

I sincerely welcome our beautiful compatriots. I always said and today I will repeat: Belarusian women are the best and most beautiful, able to wonderfully combine the power of character and extraordinary femininity. Many of you reach great heights (I will say as I think), sometimes even in absolutely non-female professions. This is especially evident in sport.

What a feat mothers do every day, especially those with many children. On their shoulders there is no less physical and emotional stress, and also a tremendous responsibility for the future of their children, for the future of our citizens. These women give them their whole lives.

Great respect should be paid to women who successfully work in education, medicine, culture, art, in various branches of the economy and in the public service.

It is especially valuable when, combining a career and domestic chores, they remain exemplary wives and mothers - tender, caring and necessarily loving. We are proud of such women.