Belarusian women ride in giant BelAZ truck

Belarusian women ride in giant BelAZ truck

On the eve of the women's holiday, the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus for the first time held a professional contest among women. The contestants had to go down into the mine, ride on a multi-ton BelAZ and even protect the rights of their colleagues.

Eight women took part in the competition. They were chosen by their own teams at work. The test drive of giant BelAZ truck was the final stage of the contest.

Tatiana Revizore, CTV:  
To control the iron giant, steel nerves are needed only at first glance. In fact, the giant vehicle is not so much different from a car. True, an ordinary driving license and traffic rules knowledge are not enough. A potential driver needs special training.

This truck is a two-time record holder of the Guinness Book of Records. But our young ladies are not timid. Each lady is going to do anything for her colleagues.

Elena Gurieva, finalist of the competition Proflady 2018:
It's not scary! It's interesting.

Let's meet the crew. Elena is a technician. Ekaterina is a children's doctor. Both are motorists with experience. But the upcoming rally does not leave indifferent even experienced auto ladies!

Elena Gurieva:
You feel all its power standing here.

Of course, the girls did not sit behind the wheel themselves. In order to adapt to the character and dimensions of the giant, time and patience are a must.

Andrey Vashkevich, BelAZ test driver:
I started with small trucks (30, 40 and 55 tons) and reached 450 tons. The girls can also acquire these skills. For example, in Australia, women also drive vehicles with a carrying capacity of 320-360 tons.

Girls driving quarry BelAZs can also be found in Russia and Ukraine. For these girls, the stress test lasted about 10 minutes.

This was the final test of the contest held by the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. The main thing is the ability to behave in any situation. Literally yesterday the ladies visited a mine.

Larisa Romanovskaya, finalist of the competition Proflady 2018:
BelAZ rally is just cool! Despite the fact that it was terribly cold, it was perfect.

Yulia Kozyrenko, finalist of the competition Proflady 2018:
When they were climbing the hill, I compared this huge vehicle with the Titanic. The most important thing is that it will not sink!

Eight finalists. There were about a hundred applications. Organizers emphasize that this is not a beauty contest or competition. All the girls are active representatives of the trade union movement.

Sergei Komadei, Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, head of department:
The winner of the competition is the leader. The main thing a trade union leader should have is the desire to help people.

The results of the contest were summed up in the evening. The ProfLady title went to a representative of a Grodno enterprise. Other girls did not remain without titles either.