IT education in Belarus discussed at Hi Tech Park

IT education in Belarus discussed at Hi Tech Park

IT Education and IT Industry: Development Strategy. This topic, which has recently become increasingly important for Belarus, was discussed on March 6 in the High-Tech Park.

Representatives of leading Belarusian IT companies and deans of university departments met to talk about the main problems in the IT industry. There are currently two of them and they exist all over the world: the curriculum lags far behind the rapid changes in IT, and there are not enough really qualified teachers.

Vsevolod Yanchevsky, director of Hi-Tech Park of Belarus

Residents of HTP already provide significant support to the education system. Numerous joint laboratories with universities have been established.

Companies are opening branches of relevant university departments, where students in practice study this segment of the world market. A project is also being implemented to teach the Scratch programming language in secondary schools.

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