Speed cyclist Karaliok about winning World Championship


Speed cyclist Karaliok about winning World Championship

World champion title and medal, congratulations from the President and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The speed cyclist Yauheni Karaliok is the first Belarusian in 10 years to have won at the World Championship.

The hero is already preparing for the continental forum. What is more, the 2019 European Games are ahead.

Yauheni Karaliok, cycle race track world champion:
It gives me additional motivation-to work harder and to show better results. The main thing is to prepare for the next starts. The qualification for the Olympics will begin.

Besides Yauheni, there will be other Belarusian cycling athletes participating at the 2019 European Games in Minsk.

Natalia Tsilinsakaya, head of Belarusian Cycling Federation:
We will have a good team at the European Games. I suppose that the team will participate in all disciplines. The results are progressing.