What does the young Belarusian biathlon generation dream about?


What does the young Belarusian biathlon generation dream about?

Biathlon is one of the most popular sports today. Therefore, it is popular among children. The final of the Snow Sniper biathlon competition was great fun. It gathered nearly 40 thousand children at different stages of the competition. It gathered those, who want to be like the “Olympic Four” or even better.

This is Minsk. The biathlon race for Dasha and Polina is a debut. Their mother took them to a biathlon school.

Irina Kazak:
They have a wish to do biathlon so it is necessary to support them.


There are 14 children in this group, they are excepted from the age of 9

. The equipment in this biathlon school is free of charge, at the initial stage. It is a rule for all schools. They regularly shoot in Raubichi. The trainings don’t stop even in summer.


Nikolai Gundilovich, biathlon coach:
Children come to the school all year round. Several years ago a girl came to my school and said that Domracheva will soon get old and she will have to be replaced. She decided to take up the task.

Ksenia and Vika are among those who hold out a hope.

Ksenia Stainova:
I want to be a master of sport, to be like Darya Domracheva. She is my idol.

Viktoria Tsaruk:
All the biathletes are my idols- Darya, Nadezhda, Irina and Dinara.

Biathlon schools work in all the regions of Belarus. And they are overloaded. It gives inspiration. There are those, who can take up the baton from the current champions and show worthy results in the future.