President outlines tasks for new Sports and Tourism Minister of Belarus


President outlines tasks for new Sports and Tourism Minister of Belarus

Sergei Kovalchuk has been appointed Belarus' Minister of Sport and Tourism.

Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that for now there are more problems than successes in Belarusian sport. In order to bring order in this area, the President wants to see an intelligent military man in this post.

First of all, there are questions to coaching staff. Also, dialogue should be established with sports federations. In the near future, Alexander Lukashenko intends to hold a meeting on the development of winter sports.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The greatest ideological ministry. A victory is the ideology of our athletes. Therefore, it is necessary to build relations with federations, to load them, which I do. We need to prepare a meeting with the President on winter sports. Ideology is not about gathering and talking about something to no avail. It is also important to talk with people, bring to their attention those tasks and goals that we set, but the main thing is what we do.

So far we have had more problems than victories and successes in sport. Think, look, with whom to work, build a system. But the main thing is that there is not enough discipline.

The coaching staff works disgustingly, with the exception of some. Everyone wants just salary. Coaches' salary should be higher and we started to do it in individual sports, and we will go through all the sports that are functioning today. We will raise the salary, but every coach should have a schedule, like a teacher at a school or a professor at a university. Here are your hours, here's the schedule, here are the children or students. Do it, give us the result.

It's necessary to hold championships of Belarus all the time in all sports so that we can see at what level these kids are. Let them show what they learned in their sport.

Up to chairmen of district executive committees and governors - everyone must be involved in a dialogue. You need to insist on the result, force, control, demand, including with the help of the Administration.

Sergei Kovalchuk, Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus: 
Big sport begins from mass sport. To do this, everyone should work, starting with the ministry. First of all, there must be those people there who like sport, who should carry it to the masses, and through the masses we should get the response. We need to find those athletes, those people who will be able to show good results.