Belarus President appoints new Sport and Tourism Minister

Belarus President appoints new Sport and Tourism Minister

The development of Belarusian regions is the main task of the local authorities, said President Alexander Lukashenko appointing heads of local executive committees.

In each district there should be profitable production facilities. This helps to provide people with jobs and a decent salary. The Head of State stressed: 2018 is decisive, it is necessary to work for the result now. A sowing campaign is ahead, which entails great responsibility. In detail, Alexander Lukashenko asked how the districts are developing, where new leaders start their work, and whether there are any issues.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
If there is no production, there will be no employment and no salary. We need normal wages. There are half of enterprises in Belarus which are fine and well. Of the other half, about 50% can still deal with financial difficulties and begin operating efficiently with little support. But the rest 25% is on our shoulders, we need to bring them to life: either to force to work, or to help those who want. In the village, people should live in a civilized manner. This is primarily your task.

Don't just think about keeping production facilities operating; it is necessary that they be profitable, to avoid losses throughout your district. So try to combine everything into a single fist and get the result. Economy and once again economy - this is the most important issue.

The head of state instructed to pay special attention to staff work. He warned the new leaders of local authorities about the responsibility for corruption crimes. Also, Alexander Lukashenko appointed a new Minister of Sport and Tourism. The ministry will be headed by Sergei Kovalchuk.