Alekseev into top 15 of bookmakers’ Eurovision winner list

Alekseev into top 15 of bookmakers’ Eurovision winner list


Eurovision 2018 in Portugal is not so far away. But how do bookmakers estimate the chances of Belarus’ representative Alekseev?

Eurovision 2018 will be hosted in Portugal and representatives from as many as 43 countries will be competing for the right to be named the best singer of Europe. The leader of the bookmakers’ list is currently the participant from Estonia - Elina Netshajeva with a song “La Forza” in the Italian language.

What is more, Bulgaria also holds one of the leading positions in the list, despite the fact that the country has still not chosen their representative. A singer from the Czech Republic Mikolas Josef is among the top 3 favorites as well. The singer will be presenting his song “Lie To Me”.

As for the representative of Belarus-the popular Ukrainian singer Alekseev-he currently holds positions ranging from 13 to 15 in the bookmakers’ lists.

Nevertheless, at the moment it might be too early to judge who is going to win, as many countries have still not had their national selection rounds.