Belarus President promises to help resolve Anton Kushnir scandal at 2018 Olympics


Belarus President promises to help resolve Anton Kushnir scandal at 2018 Olympics

President Alexander Lukashenko during this weekend again mentioned the performance of Anton Kushnir at the 2018 Winter Olympics. According to the President, the Belarusian athlete was simply "broken" at the games in Pyeongchang. Now the President is working to address this problem at the highest level.

The Belarusian athlete was not allowed into the aerials final after a decent jump. He received quite low points from a Swiss referee, thanks to which it was a Swiss athlete that qualified for the final having  a fraction of a point more than Kushnir.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Everything is bureaucratized, dirty, so it's hard to sort out. And we are now choosing some forums, the nearest being in Tokyo, to stress these problems. Well this is generally monstrous! And you know, no one cares. They reference each other and they don't care about these athletes. But athletes is the main thing in this case.

I always preach the principle of justice. People can forgive everything, they do, but only injustice will not be forgiven.

So I remember that and we will pick a moment where there will be more representatives of all countries to raise this issue.

Most likely, it will be a meeting of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC). There, the main leaders gather. There we will talk to them.

Anton Kushnir and his coach were very disappointed with refereeing, but no protests were satisfied. Kushnir does not know whether he will continue acrobatics career.


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