How Minsk is hosting the 25th International Book Fair

How Minsk is hosting the 25th International Book Fair

A special book spirit and creative atmosphere of the 25th Anniversary International Book Fair are in full spate. Its extent is astounding! About 360 exhibitors from 32 countries, about 60 events every day.

This year, Belarus has announced herself with the largest number of exhibit items represented by Belarusian publishing houses, bookstores and the Belarusian Writers' Union.

Mikhail Pozdnyakov, chairman of Minsk city branch of Belarussian Writers' Union:
This exhibition is very different from the previous one. This time more participants are represented. This year, which has been declared the year of a Small Motherland, local literature is widely represented. Because nothing can be more important than the place where a person was born and grew up.

By tradition, a special atmosphere pervaded the children's playground. A variety of games for small book lovers was organized here: quizzes, dances and, of course, learning of the native language.

Radmila Kozlekevich, head of public relations department of magazines Vyaselka and Busya:
What are the main issues concerning the children's book today? Mercy, kindness... How to awake them in a child's heart? We all know how to train our body, but the question is how to train our soul. What will contribute to this? Certainly a kind word, spoken in time.

Guests of the book forum were inspired by a unique photo project about reading.

Yulia Sermyazhko, head of Library Marketing Department of Presidential Library of Republic of Belarus:
Our project was attended by readers of our library, for which we asked to choose their favorite book. If you glance at the stand, you can see that these books are completely diverse.

For creative inspiration and cultural enrichment, both schoolchildren and aspiring writers come here.

Symposia, presentations, seminars and meetings with authors and publishers…
There can be no doubt that in the coming three days of the exhibition the cultural life here will seethe.

The closing ceremony of the exhibition will start on Sunday only at 3 pm. And before that, the rustle of paper pages, music, and of course children's laughter will be heard within the walls of the complex. Come, meet, read, thumb, because with each book we read, we become a little better.