YouTube introduces Belarusian AIMatter's development

YouTube introduces Belarusian AIMatter's development

Photo: Youtube

The launch of the new YouTube Stories tool, which is already used in the video service application, has a direct bearing on the development of AIMatter, the company with Belarusian roots. This was reported by Dmitry Gursky. AIMatter was created by Belarusian IT entrepreneur Yuri Melnichek and acquired by Google in August 2017.

The new YouTube Stories tool, which uses neural networks, changes the background behind the user's back to the chosen option.

Unlike other similar functions, the novelty processes the background, not the entire image. For now it is available to a limited number of users, later the novelty will appear for everyone.

According to TechCrunch, the developers taught the neural network to determine the head and shoulders of the user, and also minimize the resources needed for computing.

For this, the results of the previous calculation are used as input data for the next operation.

The founders of AIMatter earlier reported that the company's global goals are to give the smartphone user the opportunity to work with video "like Hollywood does" and build a large research center in Belarus in the field of neural networks and artificial intelligence.

AIMatter was established in April 2016. AIMatter's first project was Fabby, designed to change the background on photographs. It appeared at the end of 2016.

In early 2017, AIMatter closed the investment round, which leader was Haxus fund of Yuri Gursky, after which the total amount invested in the project increased to $2 million.

In August 2017, the startup was bought by Google.

The founder of the company Yuriy Melnichek stressed that the deal involved the sale of the Belarusian legal entity. The amount and details of the deal were not disclosed.