Belarusian cryptocurrency creators quit project

Belarusian cryptocurrency creators quit project

Photo: Photo from The Merkle

The co-creator of the first Belarusian cryptocurrency Taler, Sergey Lavrinenko, had announced his withdrawal from the project.

Following his colleague, Denis Lavnikevich, had declared about his collaboration with the Internet state of Viejšnoryja.

Sergey Lavrinenko says that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for what he haven’t told and done. Though he will continue to participate in other commercial projects with understandable goals and matters.

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Denis Lavnikevich:
There were too much pressure on my colleague Sergey Lavrinenko. We’d argued about the project development. And we had differing views. Taler is a group project. I don’t want to continue it on my own. So I have decided to collaborate with Viejšnoryja. Starting from now, I will continue to develop Taler on behalf of the virtual country of Viejšnoryja.