NASA using Belarusian books for scientific research

NASA using Belarusian books for scientific research

NASA specialists use Belarusian books for new scientific developments.

One of the latest editions of INTEGRAL Holding was recognized worldwide. The largest Belarusian manufacturer of microcircuits publishes manuals on their own inventions each year.

Two volumes entitled "Space Microelectronics" were published by an American publishing house. Now students of Western universities are learning from Belarusian developments.

Anatoly Belous, Deputy Director General of INTEGRAL Company on scientific and technical programs and scientific work, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus:
These publications are used, first of all, by NASA specialists, specialists of the European Space Agency. We had to work for the entire year with experts who said: "This is not possible," and we say: "It is." In the end, we proved that it is so.

The second level, perhaps even wider is students.

In addition, since 2000, the enterprise has participated in 11 scientific and technical programs of the Belarus-Russia Union State. Nine of them have already been successfully completed.