Janez Kocijancic: Belarus doing well preparing for European Games 2019


Janez Kocijancic: Belarus doing well preparing for European Games 2019

Belarus is in anticipation of a bright and spectacular event - European Games 2019. They will be held in 1.5 years and preparation for Belarus' most important sporting event of the coming years is in full swing.

President Alexander Lukashenko discussed nuances of the upcoming event on March 1 with the head of the European Olympic Committees.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
It's nice, dear Janez, to see you well. Thank you for visiting Belarus. We really have something to talk about. And most importantly, I would like you to tell me about those shortcomings that you have noticed in terms of our preparation for the European Games, which will take place a little more than a year from now.

Janez Kocijančič, head of the European Olympic Committees:
Your employees are doing their job great. We are already in the final stage of the preparatory process. Both organizing committees and professional staff perform their work at a very high level. We knew that it would be so, because Belarus has a lot of experience in organizing sports events.

Janez Kocijančič is a frequent visitor to Minsk. The sports functionary is well acquainted with the functionality of Belarusian arenas, stadiums, rowing channels and sports facilities. In total, 12 sites will host events of the II European Games. All of them meet the highest international standards.

Janez Kocijančič:
The European Olympic Committees are fully satisfied with the preparations that have been made to date. We look to the future with optimism and confidence, because you have qualified, well-trained, professional staff in these matters. I look forward to the moment when I come here for the opening of European Games next year.

The June 2019 Games will bring together 6,000 athletes and coaches from 50 countries. Plus the fans and about a thousand journalists.

Anatoly Kotov, Deputy Director of the Foundation "Directorate of the II European Games of 2019":
Requirements for any contractors are the highest. They need to know, regardless of what we are talking about, transportation services, food, and information technology. There must be world-class services. In fact, we apply the standards that are used in the Olympic Games.

Evgeny Pustovoi, CTV Channel:
Given the geopolitical position of Belarus, it is called a window to Europe. But from the window of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, we can well see the dynamism of the reconstruction of Minsk, which is preparing for the Second European Games. They should become not only an international sporting event, but also an image project, as well as an impetus for Belarus' tourism industry.

Before the Games, the long-awaited reconstructed of Minsk stadium Dinamo will open. Official Minsk will host dozens of European leaders during the Games as well.