Belarus MTZ tractors dest driven in harsh winter conditions

Belarus MTZ tractors dest driven in harsh winter conditions

Test drive in a Belarusian way. New models of MTZ tractors were tested near Minsk in harsh below-zero temperature. These vehicles are equipped with a precision farming system and an electric transmission.

MTZ 3023 is only about to hit the market. During the tests, MTZ plant checked work of all units and parts. Dealers were able to observe (and even participate) in the rally. They came not only from Belarus but also Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

Oleg Golopyatov, Director of MTZ-Leader Trade House (Moldova):
This is an amazing machine. It is very easy to manage the modes of its operation. It is very clever. It chooses the the most economical engine speed and goes by itself.

Vasily Gnedchik, Head of the MTZ Design Bureau:
All new samples of tractors have been tested and so far without fails. During the tests, the compliance of the parameters with the technical specification for this product is checked. We check both the tractor as a whole and its individual components.

In 2017, the volume of exported innovative equipment of MTZ grew to 20%. This trend will continue, promises the plant.