Meet Belarusian female bodybuilder who makes meat bouquets

Meet Belarusian female bodybuilder who makes meat bouquets

A fitness trainer, a model and a bodybuilder Viktoriya Svit has been doing sports for seven years. Once she took up an insulting remark about her weight as a challenge and decided to create a dream body, although it differs from the beauty standards.

Viktoriya Svit, fitness trainer, fashion model and bodybuilder:
There is a stereotype that a woman should be fragile and thin. But I always say that opinions differ. We live in a modern world and everybody can decide how they want to look and whom they want to be.

Vika is sure that it is important to feel happy and beautiful. And for this you can visit the gym and a plastic surgeon. Because if you do not like yourself, who will?

Viktoriya Svit:
I do not live up to standards. I have a different life and I feel good. And I think that first of all you have to be in harmony with yourself. That's much more important to feel good.

According to Victoria, femininity, perseverance and diligence are three important things of modern female nature.

Vika does not spare herself. She does not allow clients to be lazy either.

A good coach is an example, a motivation and a punctual person who helps not only to be fit, but also to feel in harmony.

Viktoriya Svit:
They love me very much and I love them. They treat me very well. I believe that respect and understanding between each other are very important.

And I want everybody to come to me with a smile.

Maria has been training with Vika for two years. She does not spare either the effort or the time, because she sees the results that she dreamed of.

She takes trainings very serious. She controls so you do everything right. The main thing is the technique of performing the exercises. It is not necessary to take large weights, as some people try. Some coaches advise to take more weight and there will be better result.

But for Vika technique is important.

She is very cheerful and open-minded person.

Though her character is very strong, she has a sensitive soul. The girl loves beauty, good literature and romantic courtship.

Her life is not limited to the gym.

Viktoriya Svit:
In addition, I took up business. I create bouquets of fruits, vegetables, sweets, meat bouquets and there will be fitness bouquets. I like to make people happy. I want them not only to admire me as a person who looks good, but also as a person who gives joy to people.

Vika says that with some people she does not get on well.

Many criticize her manlike muscles and independent character. But after all she is a real lady.