How Minsk citizens decorate stairwells in their houses

How Minsk citizens decorate stairwells in their houses

A little while ago in the house along 36 Vulica Jakuboŭskaha the letters did not always reach their addressees.

The reason is old postboxes without locks.

And the stairwell itself evoked unpleasant sensations, so residents decided to apply to housing maintenance service.

After some simple calculations, they decided to make the redecoration themselves. 107 of 108 apartments raised money and licked their entrance hall into shape.

Tatiana Sipacheva:
We had 6 voluntary Saturday workdays. More than 35 people living in apartments of this stairwell took part in it.

The public utilities that serve our home are also very helpful.

Many issues on which we applied to them were resolved. For example, they installed LED lights with motion sensors, a new door to the attic with a lock on it, handrails on the ground floor and near the exit; also the second door was replaced and the trash enclosure was also installed in the yard by the public utilities. They support us and are always ready to help with our initiatives.

Tatiana gave a lead and now on each floor of this house there are those who take an active part in the life of the entire block.

Tatiana Sipacheva:
Since that moment I have started to hold the meetings in our stairwell. We made redecoration and replaced the postboxes. Neighbors also replaced several doors in common corridors and made redecoration there without my help. People began to do something for themselves.

All this work rallied the inhabitants of the house and the old stairwell became a common property.

Ellada Abdurakhmanova:
Our neighbors are friendly. When Tatiana appeared, things got even better. We became friends.

Tatiana Sipacheva:
Some neighbors said that we shouldn't do this, because nothing will succeed. Or some people said that we have a lot of renters living in the entrance, so we shouldn't do this. But the result speaks for itself. 107 of 108 people took part in the repairs.This suggests that people want to participate and want to use a beautiful stairwell.

For example, half of the participants involved in voluntary Saturday workdays were renters.

Tired of the grayness of stairway walls, the Minsk citizen Leonid Kruchinin solved his problem quickly and without troubles. Leonid does not mourn about the investments. The main thing is that the investment is worthwhile.

Leonid Kruchinin:
I have never regretted investing money and energy, and it has never disappointed me. I like it.

I found the guys from the art academy.

At first, I wanted to realize the project with the help of the housing maintenance service, but later I realized that it was impossible. And no one will do it except for you. I arranged with the artists and we discussed the subject. Within a month all this was done.

Leonid admits that he rarely sees neighbors, but still nobody criticizes his activity.

Leonid Kruchinin:
I have been living in this house for about 10 years, and I wanted to decorate everything.

I did it both for myself and for others.

I am pleased to see happy people. I think it's always nice to give some kind of a joy to people.

He didn't have to think much over the choice of the plot for the design of the stair vestibule.

Leonid Kruchinin:
All this people are extraordinary. And we are kindred spirits. Then I found out that they lived in the same years. This is quite interesting.