Belarus' St. Valentina Minskaya: She saw people’s souls

Belarus' St. Valentina Minskaya: She saw people’s souls

The Church of St. Nicholas is located in a picturesque corner not far from the town of Dzerzhinsk near the Stankovo reservoir.

Oleg Masliev, chief architect, author of the restoration project of The Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Church in Stankovo:
Nikolai Truskovsky was the first priest in the Stankovo church. Archpriest Feodor Chernyavsky came to serve here in 1983. In 1888 (according to some sources, in 1886), his third daughter, Valentina, was born. She was baptized in this church.

Valentina has participated in religious services since childhood. She was a devout child. When Valentina was a little girl, she often stayed in the church after the service and was there until the last candle goes out.

Oleg Masliev:
From an early age, she even helped to conduct lessons in Sunday school. There had been cases when Valentina replaced her father, teaching either grammar or God's law. When her father was away on business to the Diocese of Minsk.

In adolescence, Valentina and her parents sailed to Kronstadt. A very interesting event happened on the way there.

Oleg Masliev:
The vessel on which Valentina with her parents were traveling was about to collide with another ship. Valentina was visited by the spirit of St. Panteleimon who told her: "Stand in the stern and pray." And while all the adults, we can say, panicked, Valentina calmly stood in the stern of the ship and prayed that the ships did not collide. Being literally a few centimeters from one another, these ships went their separate ways.

This story was passed by word of mouth, and even then people predicted that the girl would become a nun in the future. During her lifetime, Valentina experienced many sorrows: she buried her husband and father, went through the execution of the last clergy in Minsk. After all the experiences, she could not feel her legs and was bedridden.

Oleg Masliev:
She did not get out of bed for almost 30 years. For the first few years, she could do it, but later it was not possible. Nevertheless, she was given a spiritual gift: the ability to see the soul of every person right through. And to understand not only some bodily diseases and problems, but also what directly led to this.

Valentina could predict the fate of not only an individual, but the entire state. Once in March 1953, she said the following: "A black bird flew over Moscow and fell." No one could understand its meaning, but in the evening the whole Soviet Union heard on the radio about the death of Joseph Stalin.

Oleg Masliev:
Personal belongings of Saint Blessed Valentina Minskaya are in the Stankovo church now. There is a handkerchief, as well as flowers that she wove. People who come here are pilgrims. Naturally, before visiting the grave of St. Valentina, they worship these things as a certain shrine.

The manuscripts of St. Valentina Minskaya were also found among these things.

Svetlana Sokhan, parishioner of The Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Church in Stankovo:
We found a poem among her manuscripts. And since in different notebooks this verse was written by her hand. We think that, perhaps, she composed it herself.

St. Valentina Minskaya spent the last years of her life in a small church lodge in her home village of Krysovo. Now the body of the deceased rests a few hundred meters from that place at the old cemetery.

Oleg Masliev:
Blessed Valentina died on February 6, 1966. Before her death, she turned to people with these words: "Come to my grave when I am gone. I will help everyone." Since 1966, people have been continuously asking St. Valentina for help. Already in our time, in 2006, the synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church and the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church decided on the canonization of Valentina Sulkovskaya. She became the first Blessed woman in Belarus and the third in the Russian Orthodox Church on a par with Blessed Matrona of Moscow and Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg.

For more than fifty years, Mother Valentina's grave hears prayers, crying and words of gratitude. After all, the divine word of the saint lives to this day.

On these holy lands, people have always believed in her prophecies. The boundless generosity of Blessed Valentina and the desire to help everyone left a bright mark on history. The question of opening of the relics of St. Valentina Minskaya was raised in the Belarusian Orthodox Church. However, there are also opponents of the relics being exposed for worship.