Minchanka reach 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup semis


Minchanka reach 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup semis

Minchanka will play in the semifinal of the 2018 CEV Volleyball Cup. On February 27, the Belarusian club defeated Russian Uralochka not leaving the opponents a chance.

Uralochka is the eight-time winner of the European Champions Cup. Given the solid advantage of Minchanka from the first leg the Ekaterinburg team needed an incredible comeback.

Viktor Goncharov, head coach of VC Minchanka:
Our base was laid there, after all we won there 3:1. We realized that we can go past Uralochka.

Belarusians, without the slightest shyness, began fulfilling the most difficult task - the qualification to the semifinal of the tournament. Minchanka won the starting set 25:19. With a score of 24:10, Minchanka lost five straight points, but a fatal error of the Ekaterinburg team ensured Minchanka's victory in two legs.

«Минчанка» вышла в полуфинал Кубка ЕКВ, обыграв российскую «Уралочку»

The third set, in fact, was a formality. And the Minsk club won even that set.

Ekaterina Sokolchik, attacker of VC Minchanka:
Somewhere we lost, somewhere they lost. I think we were under some pressure from our fans too, so probably we could not play at our best level. But in general, I think we were better.

Viktor Goncharov:
What pleases me is that we now play on level terms with the most titled teams. We had problems with that before. We go out, play, do our work.