Belarus' biathlon team return to Minsk from Olympics 2018


Belarus' biathlon team return to Minsk from Olympics 2018

Photo: National Olympic Committee of Belarus

Four-time Olympic champion Daria Domracheva returned to Belarus from Pyeongchang, where the Winter Olympic Games ended on Sunday.

On Tuesday, February 27, Belarusian Olympians - teams of biathlon, speed skating, skiing, and alpine skiing - returned from South Korea on a flight from Abu Dhabi. Among those who arrived there were Olympic champions in the relay race Daria Domracheva, Irina Krivko, Dinara Alimbekova and Nadezhda Skardino.

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The fans literally drowned the Golden Belarusian Quartet with flowers. The athletes had to make efforts to overcome the obstacle course - numerous journalists, cameramen and photo correspondents. But the fans did not allow media to ask their own numerous questions: they literally surrounded the biathletes to make a selfie with them.

The Olympic champions were met at the airport with a loaf of bread, which is a sign of the highest respect in Belarus. 

Domracheva returned home with her husband - the eight-time Olympic champion Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, who was part of the coaching staff of the Belarusian national team at the 2018 Games. But today the legendary biathlete chose to stay in the shade.

At the 23rd Winter Olympic Games, Belarusian athletes won two gold medals and one silver. In the medal standings Belarus finished in 15th place.

Those who conquered the sports podium were highly appreciated in their homeland. Nadezhda Skardino, Irina Krivko, Dinara Alimbekova and Daria Domracheva were awarded the Order For Personal Courage. Now all athletes have the title of Honored Master of Sports. After the victory in the relay race, the three participants of the team were awarded by the Belarus President.

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